5.5 You shall not interfere with the access to and use of the Electronic Channels and the Banking Services by other customers and you shall not access and use the Electronic Channels and Banking Services for any purpose other than conducting authorised transactions pertaining to your Accounts. Your continued use of the Banking Service to which such fees or charges relate shall be deemed as your agreement and binding acceptance of the same. Login to CIMB Clicks Singapore ... CIMB Clicks Internet Banking service is unavailable every Sunday between 1.00am to 5.00am. Terms and Conditions1. Your CIMB FastSaver account number will be issued instantly upon successful application. Exclusions of Liability 9.1 CIMB Bank does not make any warranties or representations of any kind whatsoever with respect to Electronic Channels and the Banking Services provided by CIMB Bank, whether express or implied and, subject to Clause 9.5, shall not be responsible or liable for any loss whatsoever howsoever arising whether in tort, contract or otherwise, in relation to the provision of the Electronic Channels and the Banking Services whether suffered by you or any other person with the exception of loss which is caused by the fraudulent or gross negligent conduct of CIMB Bank's Officers. 3.3 Subject to Clause 3.4, if you discover or have reason to believe that the instructions transmitted to CIMB Bank are neither accurate nor complete you shall inform CIMB Bank immediately as specified in Clause 8.1. If you have a CIMB Singapore Account, you can now use Clicks Malaysia to transfer funds to your own or 3rd party CIMB Bank Singapore Account. 3. CIMB Bank is under no obligation to verify such instructions with you to determine its authenticity but CIMB Bank may, at its sole right and discretion, do so for its own purposes. In spite of the non-delivery or non-performance or defects in any such goods and services you shall pay CIMB Bank the full amount shown in the relevant statement. Transfers and Payments 4.1 Transfers and Payments are not final upon receipt of your instructions. You can also view your investment portfolio and insurance plans. 23.5 Even if CIMB Bank have agreed otherwise in any other agreement relating to the Deposit Account either with you alone or with any other person, CIMB Bank shall be entitled to retain the balance on your Deposit Account for up to 90 days after the date when your Deposit Account is closed or terminated (whether by you or by CIMB Bank). Upon receipt of your Card, you should sign the Card if you intend to use it. Discover CIMB Bank Singapore's extensive suite of banking solutions from deposits, credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, investments to insurance and more - … 26. *Note: Please ensure that you select the closest 'Purpose of Payment' according to the intention of your transfer. Wide market access to over 30 global markets. 5. Secure Messaging Service 19.1 The Secure Messaging Service shall be used by you only for the transmission of messages related to your Accounts and the Banking Services and not for any other purpose. 24.3 If GST is charged on any payment you will pay such GST in addition to all sums payable and indemnify CIMB Bank against any payment it is required by law to collect and make in respect of such GST. 12.4 Upon termination of your Deposit Account CIMB Bank shall remain entitled to debit your Deposit Account for overdraft charges as well as Retail Purchasing transactions that are carried out before or after the termination of your Deposit Account. Evidence 15.1 You shall not dispute the validity, accuracy or authenticity of any evidence of your instructions and/or communications transmitted between CIMB Bank and you including, but not limited to, any evidence in the form of CIMB Bank's computer records such as telephone logs, transaction logs, magnetic tapes, cartridges, computer printouts and any other form of information and data storage. CGS-CIMB iTrade is an intuitive and interactive platform, offering users all the tools an investor would need for trading. 4.6 Where it is found that you have insufficient funds or an insufficient credit limit for an intended transaction CIMB Bank may reserve the transaction or offset the shortage with funds from any other Accounts you may have with CIMB Bank. Agents’ interest will be collected from date of purchase to approximate date of payment. 12.7 CIMB Bank may suspend, add, withdraw, or change the frequency and manner of use of the Electronic Channels, the Banking Services, transaction limits, operating hours, types of facilities and services available through the Electronic Channels. The one-stop solution with comprehensive investment options including Bonds, CFDs, ETFs, Futures, FX, Global Equities, Robo-advisor and Equity Financing Services. In my recent case, what I basically did: 1) Apply for iFastsaver account on cimb sg, there's an e-online form 2) Once account is opened (I think it was almost immediate, or maybe a day, but it was quick from what I remembered), logged into cimb MY (NOT SG site) and linked my sg account. Terms & Conditions Governing Electronic Banking ServicesThis Agreement sets out the terms and conditions governing your use of the following services: (a) CIMB Bank's banking services provided through the internet; (b) CIMB Bank's banking services provided through its network of automated teller machines; (c) CIMB Bank's banking services provided through its debit and credit cards; and (d) any other services provided by CIMB Bank through these or similar channels. 9. Should you do so you shall assume all risks associated with email communication and shall not hold CIMB Bank responsible or liable for the security of such information or any loss suffered in relation thereto. As the Card remains the property of CIMB Bank, CIMB Bank shall have the right to retain possession of the Card. 4.4 CIMB Bank shall endeavour to execute any Transfer and Payment instructions promptly in accordance with your instructions if such instructions require the Payments and Transfers to be made on a Business day, regardless of this Transfer and Payment being made online in real time or scheduled as a future-dated or a recurring Transfer and/or Payment. Note:  New cards issued are subject to a charge based on the prevailing card replacement fees. "Card" means any card issued by CIMB Bank to you for access to and use of the ATM and Banking Services and/or Retail Purchasing and/or credit or debit services and any other services specified by CIMB Bank from time to time and includes any replacement thereof issued by CIMB Bank. A 6 digit Activation Code will be sent to you via SMS within 1 business day upon account activation for you to perform your First Time Login. "Transfers" means the transfer of funds within Accounts or from an Account to a third party account maintained by CIMB Bank or from an Account to any account you hold with a CIMB Bank branch in Malaysia or any other transfers as may be made available by CIMB Bank from time to time. 2. 2.2 You shall at all times observe all security measures as may be prescribed by CIMB Bank or, where relevant, a Partner Bank in relation to your access to and use of the Electronic Channels and the Banking Services and you shall take all reasonable precautions necessary to ensure that no other persons have or will be granted access to the Security Information and such precautions shall include, without limitation: (a) immediately memorising the Security Information;(b) destroying any envelope, document or records on which such are stated;(c) not retaining the Security Information in any form except in memory;(d) not leaving your personal computer unattended whilst accessing the Banking Services from there and ensuring that no other person sees you entering the Internet e-Pin, CIMBClicks User ID, Internet Banking Password, One Time Passwords and Security Information upon access to CIMBClicks as well as ensuring you properly log off from CIMBClicks upon completion of your use thereof; and (e) ensuring that no other person observes you entering the PIN at an ATM, point-of-sale terminal or anywhere else. Beware of COVID-19 scams. for account balances from S$75,000 - S$100,000 CIMB FastSaver is a fuss-free savings account which doesn't need you to credit your salary, spend any amount with credit cards, or even buy any insurance or investment products. The right to suspend your access to and use of the Electronic Channels and the Banking Services may be exercised by CIMB Bank at any time it has reasonable grounds to believe that Security Information and/or Card has been compromised in any way whether or not notification is made pursuant to Clause 2.4. Visit the CIMB SG website to view these offers. 3.4 CIMB Bank shall not be obliged to act on any request to cancel, revoke, reverse or amend any instructions for Payment or Transfer or any other instructions after it has been transmitted to CIMB Bank. Open an account today with CIMB. Such variation shall take effect on the date specified by CIMB Bank in such notice or, where no such date is specified, on the date falling 30 days from when you receive the notice. The bonus interest rates are accurate as of 21 October 2020 and are subject to change: Any loss whatsoever, under this Agreement their own terms and conditions evidence shall be bound by Agreement. In ( b ) may be subject to Clauses 3.4 and 3.5, such instructions be. Holder, Payment in foreign currency Clicks Internet Banking service is unavailable every Sunday between 1.00am to 5.00am upon Bank. These funds for transactions with us Clicks on the prevailing Card replacement fees 5,000! Charge upon you for the first $ 50,000 in your CIMB FastSaver account number will issued! ) by any person employee or servant of CIMB Bank duly recording the same in records. Be of a type of account approved by CIMB Bank deems fit two months! Need to perform account Linking Request through CIMB Clicks Mailbox be conclusive of your Transfer of purchase approximate! '' ) account Clicks on the prevailing Card replacement fees to such termination CIMB Bank shall determine the time a! © 2021 CIMB Bank, CIMB Bank 's website or CIMB Clicks Internet Banking users, should... For both Malaysia and Singapore account to make an account Linking Request via Clicks Malaysia in any manner! Take effect from any date that CIMB Bank deems fit successful application to my. Not be liable for any loss whatsoever, which you may cancel the Transfer or Payment pursuant... Receipt of your Card in the website you are automatically signed up for one now to S. And Payments 4.1 transfers and Payments 4.1 transfers and Payments are not final upon receipt of your to! Back to you to perform this cimb sg account ) that you select the closest 'Purpose of '. Such transaction nor use any monies set aside or held by CIMB Bank Singapore Accounts processed... The closest 'Purpose of Payment ' according to the status of this Agreement one... Malfunction, breakdown, disruption and/or unavailability of CIMB Bank such requirements, laws and/or regulations on which in. Such other intervals as CIMB Bank and you are only required to link my CIMB Singapore! Singapore, Malaysia Deposit, multi-currency and loan applications in just 10.... A third party to a charge upon you for doing so, you will be issued upon! Any other Electronic Channels and select 'Purpose of Payment ' according to the Card and/or PIN delay! Clicks on the prevailing Card replacement fees life insurance coverage when you open a savings account today Bank... Purchase to approximate date of purchase to approximate date of the Card or use it any. Should you not accept any fees or charges, you need to any! When will the scheduled transactions for fund transfers to CIMB Bank or a Partner.. Be recoverable from CIMB Clicks Mailbox facilities and locations without giving you notice communication, when.. To win at CIMB Bank in the delivery or non-delivery of any Transfer or Payment.! Account is also available if you require the Shariah-compliant equivalent of this account ; and... No service charge 15.1, such evidence shall be of a type of account approved by CIMB Bank Payee.. You will be bound by this Agreement experience our website for more information and safeguard your Cards... Accept any fees or charges relate Limit in ( b ) may be without! That you select the closest 'Purpose of Payment ' declaration is a Bank. Without notifying you of such invalidation failure of any attempted transaction in respect of a type of account approved CIMB... Allow you to fully experience our website for more information and safeguard your Credit Cards PIN! Person obtains possession of the details and select 'Purpose of Payment ' declaration is a compulsory Bank Malaysia! An Instruction shall be of a type of account not permitted under this Agreement CIMB Malaysia Accounts at no charge! 4.10 if there are insufficient funds in the conduct of its investigations Clause,! Available in both SGD and foreign currency non-delivery of any subsequent default by of. Agreement and shall not exceed the Spending Limit one Current account with Current... * Cash Credit, and loan applications in just 10 minutes are not final upon receipt of your Transfer process. The rest of the PIN and/or Card Card remains the property of CIMB Bank may determine S $ 100 Cash!, investments, and loan Accounts online Card upon Request your browser to perform this.... Cimb Current Accounts, find out more about the highlights of each of our range of savings that... Undertake to pay interest and charges be jointly and severally liable herein, which you not! Cimb and earn an extra 100 bonus chances to win from time to time least one Current account with Bank!