27.         9.3.3    Breakup by Country     9.2    Europe 12.       Product Portfolio     6.2    Regional 10.         12.2.1    By Volume 3    Report Description 13    Price Analysis     8.3    Global Cement Market Forecast (2021-2026)     3.3    Market Analysis +1 (650) 761-6200 But the company’s production of 160,000tpm is insufficient to meet the country’s current cement demand.     15.3    Plant Machinery Europe Cement Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2021-2026         9.1.1    Historical Trend (2016-2020) Eagle Cement 4,250 Naira. These data points are typically designated with a “P” (as in “Preliminary”) and are expected to be revised in future updates of the report.       Forecast Trend (2021-2026)         10.1.1    Strengths     9.3    Asia Pacific The market is currently being driven by increasing urban population, rising number of residential projects and increasing investments in the construction industry across the globe. Current Price of Cement in Nigeria Today (January 2021) – The price of cement in the country is not steady at all and even though there are complains when the prices increase, people have no choice but to go with the changes. CIMAF cement; Lastly, the other common cement variety in Ghana is the CIMAF cement. The Global Cement Trade Price Report is CW Research’s benchmark price assessment for monthly gray cement, white cement, clinker and granulated blast furnace slag market prices, imports, exports, and ex-works.     15.2    Construction Blended and Portland, among others, are the major types of the product in the industry.       Market Share The second country was China, importing $652.1 million of cement in 2018, ahead of Philippines which imported $540.6 million of cement. It has however important to note that the price of cement is not the same in all parts of Nigeria. Secondary sources included annual reports, press releases, books, journals, white papers, newspapers, magazines, government sources and various proprietary databases. The report also includes regional price indices, as well as a quick review of trading dynamics and drivers in different regions.       Europe United States by importing US$1.4 billion of cement was the first buyer of cement in 2018. 25. The complex and wide scope of data required to support the analytics in the GCTPR leads to data for individual countries becoming available at different times. UNICEM 4,250 Naira.       Demographic Reach and Achievements 17.         10.1.4    Threats DG Khan Cement owner Nishat Group chair Mian Mansha said, “Failing this, producers will take a US$119m total hit on revenues,” according to the Express Tribune newspaper. In fact, cement is one of the few consumer products in country that change price very frequently despite the fact that it’s not an imported commodity. More and more people in China are moving from rural areas into cities every year and the government has invested in infrastructure from roads, railways, and buildings. To get to know more about this report, please download our brochures and samples. The market is estimated to witness a healthy growth in the forecast period of 2021-2026 to reach about 6.08 billion tons by 2026. 13.     17.3    Company Profiles The nation has the world’s largest cement industry.         17.3.2    HeidelbergCement AG Global Cement Market: Key Industry Highlights, 2016 and 2026 Table Ⅱ Hydraulic Cement – production – Africa and Middle East (thousand metric tons); … A 50kg bag now retails at an average price of UGX28,000, down from UGX39,000.       Italy We deliver in-depth and superior quality research in prices that are reasonable, unmatchable, and shows our understanding of your resource structure.       Historical Trend (2016-2020)       Canada     10.1    SWOT Analysis As such, cement trade prices for individual countries are available with different periods of lag. The residential and commercial sectors are the major end-use sectors of the product in the industry. The global bauxite market reached a value of USD 14 billion in 2020.         12.1.2    By Value This page displays a table with actual values, consensus figures, forecasts, statistics and historical data charts for - Cement Production. Europe Historical Price Trends and Forecast 2016-2026 One of the measures taken by the Ministry was to assist cement manufacturers in Ethiopia to use local inputs such as, coal.       Forecast Trend (2021-2026)       Saudi Arabia After an initial baseline forecast, all future macroeconomic and sector-specific events and assumptions are taken into account to generate the final forecast.     5.2    Key Drivers         10.2.4    Degree of Rivalry The market is expected to grow in the forecast period of 2021-2026 at a CAGR of 3.3%. 2    Report Coverage – Key Segmentation and Scope 11    Value Chain Analysis       Argentina       Product Portfolio         17.3.5    Ultratech Cement Limited (Aditya Birla Group) Global Cement Market Structure.         9.2.3    Breakup by Country         10.2.5    Threat of Substitutes The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% in the forecast period of 2021-2026 to attain a value of USD 20 billion by 2026. 17    Competitive Landscape 28.       Others     3.1    Market Definition and Outlook “Almost all the dealers foresee 10-30% drop in demand in fiscal 2021 due to delay/freeze in construction activity,” the report said. The GCTPR strives to incorporate the most recent available data, but does not guarantee that particular countries have the most recent updates. The CW Group is a leading US- headquartered advisory, research and business intelligence boutique with a multi-industry orientation, with a presence in the US, Brazil, India, Portugal and Romania. The tool should be viewed as an input into forming views on trends for cement pricing and not as a definitive determination of pricing.     10.3    EMR’s Key Indicators for Demand This report provides an exhaustive insight for setting-up and running a cement manufacturing plant. Ibeto Cement Price In Nigeria. Production By Country. The key trend guiding the industry growth include the rising projects of infrastructure in the developing regions. 26. de C.V.     5.5    Key Industrial Trends       Others Over half (52%) of all cement imports in 2018 are listed in the above chart. Read more about this report - REQUEST FREE SAMPLE COPY IN PDF. What is the growth rate of the global cement market? 6    Snapshot     15.7    Utilities     This report by Expert Market Research, entitled “Global Cement Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026”, provides a comprehensive analysis for anyone who plans to foray into the cement market. CIMAF cement was founded in 2011 with the purpose of producing high standard cement in the country CIMAF cement has three (3) kinds.         8.4.3    Others     13.4    Latin America Historical Price Trends (2016-2020) and Forecast (2021-2026) The GCTPR estimates price points for periods where no observable data is yet available. 3.     8.5    Global Cement Market by End Use 9. These states produce almost 50% of the total cement of the country. The value chain analysis of the cement industry has also been covered in this report encompassing all the activities in the value chain such as procurement, manufacturing, sales and distribution. Asia Pacific Cement Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2016-2020 The U.S. (X tonnes) ranked third in terms of total production with a X% share. We leverage our cutting-edge technology, our access to trusted databases, and our knowledge of the current models used in the market to deliver you research solutions that are tailored to your needs and put you ahead of the curve. Ultratech Cement Limited (Aditya Birla Group).         10.2.3    Threat of New Entrants     16.1    Capital Cost of the Project A total of 188 large cement plants together account for 97 per cent of the total installed capacity in the country, while 365 small plants account for the rest.     8.6    Global Cement Market by Region     8.2    Global Cement Historical Market (2016-2020)  Major Exporting Countries by Volume (2021) 18    Industry Events and Developments, 1. “In addition to these new measures, there is a proposed restriction on cement coming into our country. Historical industry trends for the industry have been provided from 2016-2020 and forecasts have been presented till 2026. Primary research accounted for the bulk of the research efforts, complemented by an extensive secondary research. Checks in other parts of the country showed that the price has further risen to between N3,700 and N4,500 across the country. The global precipitated silica market was valued at an estimated USD 1.6 billion in 2020. 4. Global Cement Volume Forecast Report (GCVFR), : Single user (1 user) Hardcopy (report only), : Single user (1 user) Hardcopy (report) + Excel (data), : Group (2-10 users) Hardcopy (report only), : Group (2-10 users) Hardcopy (report) + Excel (data), : Enterprise (10+) Hardcopy (report only), : Enterprise (10+) Hardcopy (report) + Excel (data), Global Refractory Industry Report and Forecast, World cement equipment market to reach USD 8bn by 2024, US petcoke exports rise to 33 million tons in 2019, Cement equipment market to be driven by stricter environmental regulations through 2024, Global cementitious seaborne trade is expected to grow over the medium term, Global cement demand expected to contract over the next five years due to coronavirus impact. Global Bauxite Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026, Global Green Concrete Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026, Global Absorption Chillers Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026, Global Precipitated and Hydrated Silica Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026, Global Plywood Market Report and Forecast 2021-2026, We use cookies, just to track visits to our website, we store no personal details.       Historical Trend (2016-2020) The major drivers of the industry, such as rising disposable incomes, increasing population, rising demand from the construction sector, and the rising demand from the developing regions, are expected to aid the market growth. 29. The majority of residents in China live in structures made from cement (unlike some countries like the US where many houses are … Global Cement Historical Market: Breakup by Type (Billion Tons), 2016-2020 Factors such as land requirement, construction requirement, raw material requirement, labour requirement, machinery requirement, manufacturing process, utility requirement, total capital investment, total operating costs, prices, income projections, expenditure projections, profit margins, net present value, return on investment, payback period, etc.       United States of America      13.3    Asia Pacific Historical Price Trends (2016-2020) and Forecast (2021-2026) Of these large cement plants, 77 are located in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.       United Kingdom A cross section of traders in Morogoro Region appealed to the government to ban export of cement so that it becomes readily available in the country to arrest its rising price. We are technically excellent, strategic, practical, experienced and efficient; our analysts are hand-picked based on having the right attributes to work successfully and execute projects based on your expectations. North America Cement Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2021-2026 4.     5.3    Key Developments Asia Pacific Cement Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2021-2026 In 2019, cement production in the United States amounted to some 89 million metric tons.     12.1    Major Importing Countries Italy 2.3. [email protected].       Brazil CIS COUNTRIES MARKET OF CEMENT 3.1. Ibeto Cement started out importing Cement in bags from Portland into the country as far back as 1997 and later began the production of cement in Nigeria in 2001 following the ban on the importation of bagged cement by the federal government of Nigeria in 2005. Our products add value to business discussions and provide action points on strategic road map across the entire value chain in the industries we work in.     8.1    Key Industry Highlights Latin America Historical Price Trends and Forecast 2016-2026 Nyati Cement’s Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager, Michael Prosper, said it had not raised the price of cement but blamed the business community for unnecessarily raising prices.     15.9    Other Capital Investment     5.1    Overview If the lower cost is used, the price of a bag of cement currently costing $45 will increase to $81. have been comprehensively covered in this report.     15.4    Cost of Raw Material Spain 2.5.     16.7    Financial Analysis       Market Share China’s global purchases of imported …     16.6    Expenditure Projections More than 5,000 people are directly or indirectly involved in the production of clinker and cement – mostly in regional areas.       North America 18. If you are planning on buying Dangote Cement in bulk, at least up to 600 bags, your best option is to write to the company as that will give you a good discount. 7    Industry Opportunities and Challenges, 15    Project Requirement and Cost Analysis, Global Cement Market to Reach 6.08 Billion Tons by 2026. The country with the largest volume of cement production was China (X tonnes), accounting for X% of total volume. A 50kg bag of cement retails for Tsh15,000 ($6), but according to the National Bureau of Statistics data for October, the price had risen by 30 percent to Tsh22,000 ($9) in parts of the country.         9.5.2    Forecast Trend (2021-2026)       Mexico The price of cement in Nigeria changes like quicksilver. North America Historical Price Trends and Forecast 2016-2026 The goal is to maintain a core set of countries, but no guarantees are made as to the continuity of the country, product, flow or aggregate set. In Abuja, a cement dealer in Gwarinpa, Attah Peter, noted that the increase started before the #EndSARS protest, saying a bag of cement was N2,600 and sold by dealers at N2,800, but that later distributors increased the price to N3,500 and retailers sold it at N3,700. The extensive report, published on a quarterly basis, includes data for more than 70 individual markets worldwide on monthly average selling prices, retail price changes, a trade price forecast and volumes for the past 12 months, as well as a forecast for the next 3 months for each country.     13.1    North America Historical Price Trends (2016-2020) and Forecast (2021-2026) North America Cement Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2016-2020 The third largest cement manufacturing country in the world with almost 34 states producing cement. What was the global cement market size in 2020? Russia 3.2.       Company Overview 11. Four cement factories are now operating in the country, generating competition that has stabilised prices that were previously monopolised by Hima Cement and Tororo Cement. Pakistan: Leading cement producers have said that prices will rise by 10% before 2021 if a reduction in Federal Excise Duty (FED) to US$5.95/t of cement from US$11.9/t does not materialise.       Japan Middle East and Africa Cement Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2016-2020       Demographic Reach and Achievements These large sets of data are evaluated and screened by CW Research and also serve as the basis for our statistical forecasts (using CW Research’s multi variate auto-regressive models) for prices for the coming quarter. Dangote Cement Plc who led the industry to slash the price of the company’s cement by 40 per cent, said “We have pegged the Dangote 32.5 cement grade at … Cement Imports into the People’s Republic of China. de C.V., HeidelbergCement, CNBM International Corporation, InterCement, and Ultratech Cement Limited (Aditya Birla Group), among others. The global green concrete market is being driven by the rising demand from the construction sector. Asia Pacific Historical Price Trends and Forecast 2016-2026 Mumbai: Cement prices are expected to jump by Rs 15-20 per bag initially due to supply constraints even as dealers across the country expect demand to fall by 30% on the back stalled construction projects showed a survey by Crisil.     9.4    Latin America       Company Overview     10.4    EMR’s Key Indicators for Price         9.1.2    Forecast Trend (2021-2026) The report gives a detailed analysis of the following key players in the global cement market, covering their competitive landscape, capacity, and latest developments like mergers, acquisitions, and investments, expansions of capacity, and plant turnarounds: In order to prepare this research report, Expert Market Research conducted face to face and telephonic interviews with numerous industry participants of the cement industry. In addition, our Advisory team can assist with custom studies and deal advisory at our clients’ requests, performing in-depth analysis of particular markets or market segments. 16    Project Economics These include Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Texas and California. The global cement market attained a volume of 5.17 million tons in the year 2020, driven by the rising demand from the construction sector.         9.2.1    Historical Trend (2016-2020) Global Cement Market Forecast: Breakup by End Use (Billion Tons), 2021-2026       Certifications Middle East and Africa Cement Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2021-2026 Germany 2.4. Based on its types, the global cement market can be segmented into blended, portland, and others. Who are the key industry players, according to the report?         9.5.3    Breakup by Country Our membership accounts for 100 per cent of Australian integrated clinker and cement production. 2.1.       Australia The country's per capita consumption stands at around 190 kg. The major players in the industry are CEMEX S.A.B. The major regional markets for the product are North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. 7.         9.2.2    Forecast Trend (2021-2026) A notice on one of the doors of the warehouse by the wereda'strade bureau lists selling prices of cement from the 12 factories in the country. 4    Key Assumptions The global cement market attained a volume of 5.17 billion tons in the year 2020. The plywood industry is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% between 2021 and 2026 to reach a value of alm... © 2020 EMR Business Solutions LLP All rights reserved. Major Exporting Countries by Value (2021) And worse, the price isn’t even the same in all parts of the country. Furthermore, the study assesses the industry based on Porter’s five forces model, which evaluates the level of competition in the industry by analysing factors such as bargaining power of buyers and suppliers, threat from substitutes and new entrants. We know that the everyday challenge for cement traders, independent traders, shippers as well as buyers in the cement sector is the pricing strategy. The highest price is paid in Argentina, where a bag of cement costs on average US$12.34, followed by Nicaragua, Uruguay, Guatemala and Paraguay, where a bag of cement costs around US$10. CEMENT importer, Rock Hard Cement, is predicting that the price of the commodity could increase by more than 80 per cent, as a result of Government policy to restrict imports         9.4.3    Breakup by Country     13.5    Middle East and Africa Historical Price Trends (2016-2020) and Forecast (2021-2026) The key players in the above industry include CEMEX S.A.B. Tanzania: Prime Minister Kassim Majawali has ordered regional commissioners to investigate a cement shortage that has reportedly caused a price rise. Price data in the report is collected from multiple sources and processed by CW Research. BUA Cement 4,250 Naira.         10.1.2    Weaknesses         8.6.1    Market Share However, the current spot rate is … 15    Project Requirement and Cost Analysis Global Cement Market Forecast: Breakup by Type (Billion Tons), 2021-2026 As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the world, our analysts are constantly tracking the impact of this rapidly evolving situation on the markets and the consumer purchase behaviours. Latin America Cement Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Billion Tons), 2016-2020 Cement is one of the vital commodities to emerging economies. Global Cement Market Outlook .     8.4    Global Cement Market by Type Subscribe to the Global Cement Trade Price Report: The CW Group’s Global Cement Trade Price Report (GCTPR) is designed to be a tool for those involved in the global trade of cement, providing a window into import and / or export prices in USD per ton and volumes in tons for gray cement, white cement, clinker and / or granulated blast furnace slag. Middle East and Africa Historical Price Trends and Forecast 2016-2026       Nigeria       Demographic Reach and Achievements 18. Major Importing Countries by Value (2021) We, additionally, offer attractive discounts on our upcoming reports. The global cement market attained a volume of 5.17 billion tons in the year 2020.       Market Share 14    Manufacturing Process         9.4.1    Historical Trend (2016-2020)         9.3.2    Forecast Trend (2021-2026)         17.3.1    CEMEX S.A.B. The Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, on Sunday said cement manufacturers in the country have … Moreover, cement production in China exceeded the figures recorded by the second-largest producer, India (X tonnes), eightfold.

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